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A Computer is Simply a Tool

A computer’s function depends on your know-how and is limited only to your imagination.   

Computing the Flexdot way


Anyone who has ever used a hammer gun most likely never want to use a regular hammer again. Why? Because a hammer gun speeds up work by 80%. It’s simply a better way of doing the job. In addition to being more efficient, the hammer gun has more power. The hammer gun has changed the way houses are built. Likewise, computing has irreversibly changed the way we view life.

Today’s computer is more than a typewriter or a work processor. With the right knowledge, we can use a computer to do most anything we’ve wanted. Whether our objective is to research, track data, listen to the latest music, or create the latest music, results are just a mouse click away.

With all the computer’s power, a computer is only just a tool. But you are the craftsperson.

́¥´cher Brown www.flexdot.com